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Telling Your Story, One Beautiful Photo At A Time

Jordan Kate Photography is based in the small town of Amherst, Virginia, surrounded by the beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

If you find yourself scrolling these pages, you must be looking for someone to capture a special moment for you. And, I could not be more honored that you are here. Telling a story through photography is where this hobby and small business of mine all began. I knew I wanted to stop a moment in time for each client that came to me. You only get this life one time, and it is my job to make sure you have the very best images to remember your special moments.

Whether it is your wedding, senior year, or time for family photos, I am HERE for it! I will be there to safety pin a dress, do your make-up, pin a boutonnière, prepare a timeline, or help you pick out outfits for the whole fam, I am your girl! My goal is by the end of our time together, we are friends. Personal connection is huge for me, and I would love to see if we are a perfect fit for me to capture your moment! 

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About Jordan Kate Photography

​​When choosing a photographer, personal connection and style are key. As a photographer, I believe in capturing your true self. I want to capture the emotion and excitement of this time for you. Sure, we are going to have the perfect posed ones, but the ones where everyone is being themselves are always a favorite, so we will spend time making those moments come to life! I want you to have photos that stand the test of time, and are something you are proud to hang on your walls for the years to come. Bright, colorful, and beautiful.

I am so glad you're here and hope you're excited for an adventure in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are going to have the best time capturing your story and those perfect photos which you will pass on for generations to come. 

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